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 NuLogic was established in 1990. The firm specializes in Internet technologies and security including firewalls, web/mail servers and VPN and has in depth knowledge on Linux/Unix, Windows, Macintosh and Netware computing platforms.

  The company has the ability to meet all your computer needs. NuLogic has a great reputation in the industry and was originally built on a referral basis.
A long list of clients, most of which have been with NuLogic since its inception is comprised of: non-profit organizations, small to medium investment banking firms, media and entertainment companies and multinational conglomerates. NuLogic also works with established writers and editors on an individual basis.

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  • T1, T3, DSL and broadband connectivity
  • Asterisk and other VoIP solutions
  • VPN and remote access solutions
    including IPSEC and MS PPTP
  • Firewalls and Internet security
  • Security analysis
  • Network monitoring
  • Internet mail and gateways
    including POP3, IMAP, Sendmail & Exchange
  • Webmail - Horde/IMP, Zimbra, Squirrelmail, RoundCube & OWA
  • Spam and Web content filtering
  • Virus protection and recovery
  • Backup, replication and high-availability including clusters
  • Internet appliance installation, configuration and maintenance
  • Webserver installation and maintenance
  • Web design
  • Custom CGI scripting, SQL database connectivity and Internet commerce
  • WAN/LAN routing and shared Internet access
  • Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac and Netware server support
  • Linux (Fedora, Suse & Ubuntu), Windows (Win2K, XP and Vista)
    & Mac OS/X desktop support
  • Tutoring - All levels

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